Self-imposed insecurity.

I had a...not depressing, but some similar emotion...thought in between dreams and wakefulness this morning. I've been very self-conscious of the fact that the last 3 years is the best (imo, anyway) that I've ever looked. I'm 27, almost 28 - past my prime in the eyes of many people. But we all live longer these days, and thanks to surgeries and treatments and lifestyles, women are expected to look like they're in their 20s well into their 40s...even 50s. I have another 20 years of "maintenance." It was a really weird thing to think about. Even though I've stopped reading women's magazines and paying attention to celebrities long ago, these thoughts still seep into my brain.


Even though only two or three people look at this blog...

...I wanted to share my latest research paper. If you have suggestions, tell me. Don't be afraid to be harsh, I'm learning way too late in my life how to write art history papers.



Balthus. Thérèse, 1938.

I was photographed today by the Chicago Tribune tidying up a sculpture in Elmhurst Art Museum's new exhibit, "Ultra-Realistic Sculptures by Marc Sijan." There's no guarantee that they'll make it in to the paper; space is tight in the arts section. I hope it does, though, because the pictures the photographer sent me are really cool! I'm not allowed to post them online, though. But if they're printed in the paper, I could post a scan of it...