Sometimes I hate the internet.

I miss the days when, to let family know that a beloved relative has died (after a few days on her deathbed), you would receive a phone call to hear the news instead of a forwarded email...especially after explicitly asking to be notified when it happened.


Gun crazy.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, guns were always really scary to me. The only people that had them were cops and gang members. In a way, that's still very true; I hear about shootings near my boyfriend's apartment all the time (in fact, there's a bullet hole in the window pane next to the front door of his building), and a lot of people want to bring the National Guard to Chicago because of the insane numbers of violent crimes that have taken place this year. (Which I'm against, btw. I'm glad it hasn't been done.)

However, I now know a few people that live in Texas and Utah that occasionally go shooting, and it's strange to know that they haven't exploded upon touching a firearm. I'm going to visit both my family and Gabe's family this summer, and target shooting is planned for both trips. I'm pretty excited about it. I've been looking at Illinois gun laws and am thinking about getting a Firearm Owner's Identification Card (FOID), which is required just to shoot a gun, let alone own one. There are several shooting ranges in the area that will rent out guns, and I even have a gun I would want to buy for superficial reasons: a Sig Sauer two-tone Mosquito (Ron Swanson gives one to April Ludgate for her 21st birthday on Parks and Recreation. According to him, it was designed for the officers of the Swiss "pussy" police force).

Obviously I'm not going to just go out and buy one (admittedly because they're $350 and I'm broke). It's just one of these things that I would never think I'd be interested in 5 years ago. And if I have fun shooting this summer, maybe it'll end up being a new hobby.

Besides, wouldn't it be badass to be able to use my FOID as ID in the event I lose my DL from speeding again?


Do you believe in love there?

Suede is reuniting for a few shows, and I got very excited...but Bernard Butler won't be part of the line-up. Boo. Coming Up was pretty good, but their songs were definitely lacking after he left. Still, not that they'll likely come to the US, I'd definitely go if they did, even if it means being disappointed. I don't think anything can beat my inner teenager's soul being crushed when I saw Johnny Marr play with The Healers. Ugh.


And the meteorite is the source of a light and the meteor's just what we see...

...and the meteroid is the stone that's devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.

It's no secret that I love Joanna Newsom. Currently listening to "Emily;" there was a fireball (the result of a meteorite falling to Earth)seen all over the Midwest at around 10 pm last night, from Iowa to Ohio. I was awake; I wish that I'd seen it.
Anyway, I am completely broke at the moment, and so I used some of the $15 in Borders Bucks I had to buy a latte and apple tart (I fill out surveys for points at erewards.com; Borders Bucks are one thing you can redeem the points for). I decided to take a look at magazines. I spotted the new issue of Uncut. The second biggest headline was "JOANNA NEWSOM Welcome to her visionary world." YES PLEASE. I had just enough left on my Rewards card and my checking account to buy the UK (thus expensive) magazine. The intro photo is really beautiful and is obviously from the shoot that resulted in the cover of Have One on Me. I decided to look for it online, since the one in the magazine covers two pages and would have a seam if I scanned it. In my google search, I came across a blog that not only had that photo, but more photos of her amongst his other favorite artists that I had never seen before. So I will share them here...some of them had sources in the file name so I can only cite where those ones came from.

Annabel Mehran, Uncut, April 2010

The New York Times

The one below is from Buenos Aires...
Blogger keeps screwing with the format when I type it.




I love horror movies. I've loved them for as long as I can remember. I've thought about ways I could incorporate them into my art history research...the connection between Le Corbusier's massive apartment buildings and Shivers and Demons 2 are the best examples I can think of. Damien Hirst and The Cell, also.

People often ask why I enjoy horror movies so much. The best explanation I can come up with is that it's a rush being scared and mortified...and often they're more funny than anything comedians like Adam Sandler could ever come up with. So I found it a bit strange when I had to turn off Law and Order: SVU tonight. It was an episode I've seen before; I've seen a lot of them multiple times because I'm addicted to that show. Yes, the crimes investigated in that show are horrendous, but the cast is so great that I can easily overlook it. But tonight, I couldn't. One could argue that SVU isn't a horror show, but a crime show...but it is scary, and once the rapist started confessing his crimes
in detail, I began to get sick to my stomach. Part of the issue at hand was that another man had been convicted of these crimes; it wasn't until the rapes began again years later that the detectives realized that they had put the wrong man in prison. After the real rapist confesses, Detective Stabler visits the convicted man in prison and tells him he was wrongly convicted and will soon be released. The man is so grateful. And then I turned the TV off. I knew that shortly, before being led from the interrogation room to his cell, the real rapist would ask to use the restroom, and would then jump out the window and kill himself. Because of some legality, this would mean that the innocent man has to stay in prison after all. I don't know if this is accurate...I certainly don't understand why a window would be in a jail house's restroom. But it still made me sick.

This morning, I watched Demonia, directed by Italian horror director Lucio Fulci. I watched five nuns get nailed to crosses, a man get stabbed, two men impaled, a woman's eyes scratched out by her cats, and a man stabbed and his tongue nailed. Perhaps because none of the heinous acts in the SVU episode were actually shown, my mind filled in the blanks making it more horrific if I'd seen it. Come to think of it, horror movies rarely have rape scenes in them.


My cat was super cute today laying in the warm sun!



I haven't been to the stable in three weeks, due to some personal drama and insomnia. I should schedule a lesson for next week. I shouldn't feed the horses in the morning until after the semester's over. I haven't done any work and I've got a lot to do. Work before play. Boo. It's a bit sad because I bought new breeches, the kind you wear in shows. They're so nice and comfy. They were a bit expensive for someone who's only doing this for a hobby, but most companies' smallest size is just one size too big, and these have some 'high tech' features that are really nice. Hopefully they last a long time. Anyway, they came in the mail and I was so excited trying them on...I wanted them because a. my denim breeches get hot in the sun and b. I'd like to be able to enter some small shows in the summer for fun. But that same night was when the drama started and I was anxious for days...it's been resolved, but it took awhile to get over it.
Even though I really need to get school work done asap, I'm spending the weekend in Madison with Gabe, staying with his friend Brendan. I really like when we go, it's always fun. There's a big rowing competition on Saturday which Gabe really wanted to see, so that'll be the main event. We're going to bring a drink cooler of mint juleps and it should be lots of fun, though it'll be chilly by the lake. The weather's been such a tease lately and I never know what to wear. The past few days I've been lounging in my Bloodsport t-shirt (Kumite Champion 1988!) and jeans that really need a washing.

I'd still be wearing that except my mom gave me a chocolate bunny for Easter and I was eating it in the dark whilst watching a movie last night. I woke up the next day with chocolate on my shirt. Whoops. So I switched to a t-shirt I bought for summer riding. It's white with various horse bits on it.

I'm not into equestrian inspired casual clothes, but this is a really cool design that I'd wear out of the saddle (which I'm doing right now). It's good to wear it a few days in a row and break it in...I don't like shirts that are BRIGHT WHITE.

Okay, don't know what to write anymore. Oh, on another horse-related topic, I read this really cool story about a woman that owns a small horse farm called the Compton Junior Posse in the middle of Compton. She gives free lessons to students in exchange for working at the farm and good report cards. There's also a video of a segment that NBC Nightly News did on the farm last year. I think this woman is so amazing for providing a safe haven and a wonderful experience for these kids that they'd probably never have otherwise. I know how healing it is to be around horses, so it was really nice to see someone run a program like this.

Outie 5000.


Grungy look #2: Driving home from a weekend in Chicago.

As usual, I spent the weekend at my boyfriend's apartment, thus having to plan outfits according to our schedule. That night, we went to the opening of the 50 Alderman/50 Artists exhibit at Johalla Projects(Packed! We had to wait in line 20 minutes just to get in!), so I wore a cute new skirt from Anthropologie and platform mary janes (which are unfortunately close to death). A snow storm was predicted for Saturday and Sunday (Saturday, yes; today, no). We were going to another opening (Phyllis Bramson and Judith Geichman at Carrie Secrist Gallery)and meeting our friend for dinner and drinks afterward, so I wanted to wear something nice, but I also needed the proper footwear for walking in snow. All I have are a pair of black rubber wellies that I've been wearing to the stable, thus covered with dried mud from getting horses from the pens (boy are those pens muddy!) and duck style boots. Neither were proper attire for those events, but since I was too lazy to clean the rubber boots and was certain that the duck boots were in my trunk, I decided to go with those. However, I got to Chicago only to find that the boots were NOT in my trunk, and I forgot to put my jeans in my suitcase. So I borrowed a pair of Gabe's roommate's jeans for the weekend, and fortunately, though not perfect for snow, I did have my Frye boots in my car. So this is what I wore for the drive home (sorry for the darkness of the photos):

Sunglasses: Anthropologie
Prescription Glasses: Lucky
Coat: Latte by Coffeeshop via Mod Cloth
Satchel: Cambridge Satchel Company
Suitcase: vintage Samsonite via Cracker Jax
Boots: Frye
Sweater: Lux scavenged from Gabe's roommate's closet, likely via Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Eva Franco via Anthropologie

I have to wear my glasses when I drive; I've been out of contact lenses for a really long time. Since Gabe discovered this, he lectures me about it. After a particularly bad night driving in Chicago missing street signs (I didn't know where I was going) and nearly missing people crossing the street (I suspect there is an organization of people that like to wear black and walk in front of cars for fun), I'm being more mindful of wearing my glasses. Thanks to daylight savings time, driving westbound, and having visors that don't cover much of my windshield, I resorted to wearing my sunglasses over my regular glasses. Very uncomfortable.

Anyway, I thought I looked amusing and wanted to share. Actually, on my way to 290, the 2 lane road merged, and a woman on her cell phone didn't realize it and nearly sideswiped me. I honked and gave her a look...then realized how ridiculous I looked with my glasses. Oh well, I'll never see her again anyway.


Who's there?

I fell in love with Joanna Newsom's music because of a boy. I had heard "The Sprout and the Bean," but it didn't connect with me; I was ambivalent. This guy I had just met was a huge fan but very shy, and told me that she was playing that night. He wanted to go, but not by himself. So of course I offered to go to spend time with him. Mission accomplished, but her performance was so incredible. He offered to burn The Milk-Eyed Mender for me and it was just about all I listened to for several months.

Anyway, I've been listening to Have One on Me almost exclusively since it came out, and I do love it but it wasn't as instantaneous as with her other releases. That's partly due to its length and number of songs. I think a few of the songs could have been released independently as an EP. Anyway, my love for the record was reinvigorated by Newsom's recent performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She played "Soft as Chalk" which I hadn't spent much time with. But her performance was so wonderful, and I immediately began listening to the song with more interest. Someone posted the video on YouTube, and I've rewatched it several times. Whomever posted it also posted the lyrics. I've always loved her lyrics, but I really wanted to read them in a normal sentence structure instead of a liner note one. So here are the lyrics for "Soft as Chalk" as I have interpreted them, as well as the video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

So so long ago and so far away, when time was just a line that you fed me when you wanted to stay, we'd talk as soft as chalk ‘til morning came, as pale as a pearl. No time, no, no time; now, I have got all the time in the world.

Say, honey, did you belong to me? Tell me, honey, was your heart at rest when, darling, all the mourning doves were howling us a song of love's oh god-awful lawlessness, lawlessness? Say, honey, did you belong to me? Tell me, honey, did I pass your test? I lay as still as death until the dawn, whereupon I wrested from your god-awful lawlessness, lawlessness.

I roam around the tidy grounds of my dappled sanatorium. Coatless, I sit amongst the moles adrift and I dote upon my pinesap gum. And the light through the pines in brassy tines lays over me dim as rum and thick as molasses. And so time passes and so, my heart, tomorrow comes.

I feel you, leaning out back with the crickets, loyal heart marking the soon-ness darkness tonight. Still, the mourning doves will summon us their song of love's never-doneing lawlessness, lawlessness.

While over and over, rear up, stand down, lay round trying to sound-out or guess the reasons to sleep like a soldier without rest. But there is no treason where there is only lawlessness, lawlessness.

In the last week of the last year, I was aware. I took a blind shot across the creek at the black bear when he roused me in the night and left me cowering with my light calling out, “Who is there? Who's there? Who is there?”

I watched you sleep repeating my prayer. Give love a little shove and it becomes terror. And now I am calling in a sadness beyond anger and beyond fear, “Who is there? Who's there? Who is there?”

I glare and nod like the character, God, bearing down upon the houses and lawns. I knew a little bit, but, darling, you were it, and, darling, now it is long gone. Sweetheart, in your clean, bright start back there behind a hill, and a dell, and a state line or two, I'll be thinking of you; yes, I’ll be thinking and be wishing you well. We land. I stand, but I wait for the sound of the bell. I have to catch a cab and my bags are at the carousel. And then Lord, just then, time alone will only tell, you mourning dove.


Have I mentioned that I've had trouble writing?

I can talk all I want, but for some reason, writing has been difficult. It's upsetting because my friend who lives in LA and I had gotten in the habit of writing letters, but I get halfway through and just can't finish. I can record myself talking, but for some reason, my photo booth software stops recording at random times. Not sure why, since I've recorded videos over 15 minutes long before. I keep meaning to put a new battery in my digital voice recorder...I should do that now.
Anyway, I'm not necessarily depressed but I'm not feeling like going out into the real world. I was thinking about that with my posts about wanting to put up pictures of my outfits. The last time I regularly took outfit photos was when I first moved here and didn't have many friends. I had what was at the time a nice quality camera phone, and that was one way I entertained myself.

I've just been watching a lot of movies. My favorite so far is the original Salem's Lot miniseries from the '70s. My sleeping schedule is really messed up and in turn makes me messed up. I haven't been to the stable in two weeks and I don't have money to take a riding lesson. I should email the stable owner to let her know that I'll be in to volunteer next week. I'm scheduled to help out with this semester's NIU Beginning Horseback riding class. Perhaps I'll be able to exercise some of the horses that haven't been ridden much lately before newcomers get on them.

Alrighty, audio diary time.


"Well, I saw straightaway that the lay was steep, but I fell for you honey, easy as falling asleep."

An audio and written review of Have One on Me from All Things Considered...

I've been listening to the record pretty much non-stop aside from interludes of Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari stand up. I've been feeling a bit odd about it and couldn't quite place it. Is it the arrangements? Is it the new singing style? I was listening to it on the way home from Chicago tonight, and it occurred to me that that was the first time I was listening to it with full attention; all the other times, I was doing something else while listening to it or it was on in the background. I was surprised when I looked at my iTunes and saw I had listened to it 10 times...it didn't feel like it. HOoM is indeed a long album, and I tend to need some time with my music so this isn't abnormal.

Newsom will be on Jimmy Fallon this Friday...super excited! I think it might be her first American TV performance. I know that she's been on Later with Jools Holland, a UK show (Holland is former Squeeze!). I'm curious as to what she'll be playing on Fallon. My guess is "Easy." I think it would be cool if she did "Good Intentions Paving Company," but my guess is that they'll want something featuring the harp (whoops...so does "Easy!"). And there aren't very many short songs on the album...short in Joanna Newsom terms.

Well, I managed to get some words out of my fingers for the night.



I wish there was a device that could turn the thoughts in one's brain into words on a screen.
I just can't write about what I'm thinking, for some reason.


I want a fox...

I forgot to post my new favorite photograph:

via crappytaxidermy.com

I highly recommend looking at the site. It's part amusing, weird, and downright scary.

"There's a big black spider hanging over my door. Can't go anywhere, anymore."

-- Joanna Newsom, "Have One on Me."

I've had so much on my mind that I've wanted to write about, but for some reason I couldn't make my fingers type the words. After writing a couple letters to people, though, I think I'm past the block.

I'm really enjoying Joanna Newsom's new album, though it's different than her other releases, confirming a pattern. I th
ink that's wonderful, actually. People can only make the same record so many times. I'm getting used to it; I'm only on my 3rd listen, and it's two hours long. My favorite song so far is "Good Intentions Paving Company." It seems to be the most poppy of the album. Some songs have a somewhat medieval feel to them, while some have a '70s prog rock sound. Newsom had surgery to remove vocal chord nodules a year ago; the result is a voice that's a bit smoother, sometimes sounding like Kate Bush.

I'm glad that this record came out when it did. I actually received it yesterday, a day before its release, because I pre-ordered it from her record label, Drag City. So I've had a head start. I'v
e been feeling depressed the last couple weeks which seems to deepen with each day. It's nice to have something new to distract myself. Newsom's songs are so rich in their lyrics and musical arrangement that it's easy to get sucked into it.

I've been using good old-fashioned sleep, Dave Chappelle stand up performances, and movies to distract myself. I've also been volunteering at the stable I ride at, feeding the horses. There's around 60 horses there, so feeding takes a LONG time. It's hard but rewarding work. Thus I was disappointed when I slept
through all my alarms and missed going, waking up at 3:45 pm. I've been on Facebook most of the afternoon and listening to Have One on Me. I've been feeling a bit ill from my medication. I'd like to watch a movie, but nothing seems appealing. I might put on Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility. I should go to bed soon so I can hopefully get up tomorrow.

Can I have her legs, please?


Pbbbt. (raspberry)

I am envious of a lot of these cool street fashion bloggers. My favorite is liebemarlene vintage; through her I've also discovered Delightfully Tacky, left hand endeavor, Leproust Vintage, Sally Jane Vintage, Selective Potential, and the snail and the cyclops. To be fair, though, most, if not all, of these girls operate vintage/resale shops of some sort, so keeping blogs like these is part of their jobs.

I often get compliments on my clothes and I like to think that I have good taste, but unless I'm at a party and someone else snaps a picture and posts it on Facebook, my outfits just don't get recorded. I like the idea of being able to take pictures of what I wear, but I usually don't have the time (or I feel like I don't, anyway). I also don't ask anyone to deliberately take photos out of nervousness and fear of being perceived as vain.

I had to drive home from Chicago unexpectedly and very unhappily during rush hour whilst feeling sick. Hunched over my steering wheel with the window cracked hoping I wouldn't puke, I thought about how I enjoy the days when I don't shower and sometimes just wear the same clothes I did the day before. It's a habit that I formed from constantly running late for my dearly departed job. There's something comforting about being dirty, as well as the long hot shower which follows. I have oily hair, so my new haircut lends itself to messiness. I made it home deciding to do a photo series of my grungy days. Though I didn't quite end up doing that...Ms. Sally Jane Vintage had posted a series of photos from Jackson, Johnston and Roe's Spring collection, and I really liked the one girl's hair; even though hers is actually long and pinned up, it's something that I can sort of recreate.

I put on an outfit I'd wear if I'd been able to go to the birthday party I had planned on attending tonight. I did keep to the grungy thing a little, not showering, keeping on the top I wore last night and on the drive home, and taking the photos in my very messy bedroom. I did take one photo pre-outfit, though, due to my friend's desire to see my haircut. I used my MacBook's web camera.

I took a series of photos with my digital camera using the flash and weird angles because I wouldn't be able to capture my complete outfit otherwise...I could probably rig up something in the stairwell of my building and use the timer sans flash, but surprisingly for a Friday night, my neighbors are home and I would be really embarrassed if I were caught. But then my camera, which is suddenly starting to break down (as soon as I no longer have a steady income, of course), decided not to communicate with my computer when I hooked it up. Thus, I had to redo the shoot using my cell phone. A happy accident; it's more à propos.

Ta da:

Embarrassingly, half of the outfit is from Anthropologie: tank top (by Ric Rac; a gift from my aunt), shorts (by hei hei), and stockings (by Ruffian). Cardigan is Mossimo from Target, heels are Dolce Vita from Urban Outfitters, necklace is vintage from Fred and Ethel's, and the purse came from a lawn sale at the Logan Square farmer's market.

Phew. Got that out of my brain...though now I'll have to wash my face before going to sleep. Resume feeling sick in bed with
Buckminster and decide what movie to watch.



February 23rd, Triple LP/CD, Have One on Me. If I had money, I'd pre-order it, but looks like I'll have to make sure I have $25 in my saving's account for the big day (hell yeah I'm getting the vinyl).
There's a free streaming track on Drag City's site, "Good Intentions Paving Company." I'm digging it.
And she's playing at the Vic on April 3rd!!!



Today was my last day at work, and thus I've been in my own head all day thinking about how glad I am yet how I wish things could have turned out differently. I decided that a playlist on my iPod of France Gall and Françoise Hardy songs would be the perfect soundtrack for the drive there, and hit shuffle. After France Gall's "Nous ne sommes pas des onges" played, a Mos Def song came on. Huh? I'd recently made a new playlist of him, De La Soul, Dr. Octagon, and a Dave Chappelle stand up concert...apparently I'd accidentally dragged some of the songs into the France/Françoise playlist.
What a happy accident.



Occasionally a movie comes along that throws me off. The most recent film of this ilk is Martyrs, directed by the French Pascal Laugier and released in the US on DVD in 2009. I suppose it's strange to post a blog about a movie I can't really discuss yet, but it's so haunting that I can't let go of it. Perhaps someone will comment on their experience with this movie...or this post will inspire someone else to watch it. What I can say is that I'm glad to see that the horror genre is moving past the Scream era, and also that this is just one of many recent films that are incredibly thought-provoking (though I'd say Martyrs is #1 on that list).


Gotta love museum board members that care about their own interests instead of the care of the museum which they've been entrusted with.

I am all too familiar with museum board member politics. Fortunately, the members whom I've worked with that have gotten involved with museum programming are actually involved with the arts and their exhibits not only followed the museum's mission, but were also very successful.

The Grand Rapids Art Museum's mission statement:

The mission of the Grand Rapids Art Museum is to provide a gathering place where people of all ages and backgrounds can enrich their lives through interaction with authentic works of art of the finest quality in a thought-provoking and creative way. In order to nourish and delight the mind and spirit, the Museum collects, conserves, educates, and interprets.

Their upcoming exhibit opening in November: Diana -- a Celebration.

The exhibition that has drawn audiences averaging 90,000 to other cities, according to Pamella DeVos, an honorary life trustee of the museum, who made the announcement Monday in the museum.

"Her charm, beauty and easy grace touched many people in her short, complex life," DeVos said.

The Grand Rapids Art Museum, which drew just under 105,000 visitors over 12 months from October 2008 to October 2009, will have the show from before Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day in February 2011.

"We believe it'll attract and inspire thousands of women from all over the state and beyond," DeVos said."

According to the article, the cost of bringing the exhibit to the museum is unknown. Is it ethical to spend so much money to bring a popular culture/historical exhibit instead of raising money for a blockbuster art exhibit? If they were able to raise that kind of money to host a great exhibit, they could surely draw equally large crowds.

I don't know Pamella DeVos's background, but she certainly does not give the impression of knowing her place in supporting an art museum.


Yeah, that's right.

I just watched Save the Last Dance, and I loved it.

And I didn't just watch it; I watched my very own copy that I purchased for $5 at Walmart last week. It's the Special Collector's Edition. What a deal.

Part of me enjoys it because I lived in Chicago and recognize a lot of the locations...but mostly I enjoy sweet teen romances. Not OMFG teen romances; sweet teen romances. He's teaching her how to loosen up and dance hip hop style! He takes her to the ballet! They get all scandalous on the L just to piss off a racist woman! He shows up at her audition despite the cries of "young man!" from the staid Julliard judges!

The only thing that makes my pleasure of this movie guilty is that the heroine needs her boyfriend to look after her. Had he not shown up at that Julliard audition, she wouldn't have finished her routine. She only reluctantly showed up after her father said he'd take her.
I don't want to imply that people shouldn't rely on their significant others for strength. But I do feel a bit ashamed when I realize that I'm swooning over a relationship that is held together solely by the man.
Last night, I watched Hellraiser with the commentary track on; it with was Clive Barker (writer/director), and lead actress Ashley Laurence. Toward the end, they mentioned that the actor who played her boyfriend didn't like the fact that he was just sort of there and not the hero. He's not even just sort of there; he's in the way. Of course, Hellraiser is not a romance film (sadistic, yes; romantic, no), but it's still interesting to hear that a man was uncomfortable playing the part of someone who needs to be taken care of. Hopefully, more female actors these days do, too.



As my friends can attest, I have ADD when it comes to my hair styles and colors. The result is fried, thinning hair. I'm constantly doing Facebook polls on how I should color my hair and I'm never satisfied by others' opinions.

Thus began my interest in wigs.

I started out with this one. I bought it
in Hollywood which has lots of wig stores. It was only $50. I had looked at some at that giant costume shop on Milwaukee in Chicago; the woman was willing to discount the price from $150 to $100 on a wig I wasn't really sure I wanted.

I was really pleased with the one I got in Hollywood. I had red hair at the time, and I thought it would quell my desire to dye my hair black. But I loved the way it looked and so I decided to try to grow my hair to match it. But my hair is too thin and fried from all the dying, and it's really difficult to get it to grow as long as I want it to.

I need to retouch my roots, by the way.

I've been wanting to dye it red again, thanks to this photo.

However, I'd have to bleach it, which is badbadbad news. So I decided it was time to get another wig. This time, I ordered from Vogue Wigs. They have a line called "Forever Young" that has really affordable, nicely made, and trendy wigs. So I decided to get this one.

It's a bit lighter than it looks in the photos. It's really nice and long and I love it.

And of course I'm always considering going back to my natural hair color. I thought this curly wig was cute.

I will soon be out of a job (my decision...I need to focus on my thesis), so I might buy one more when I get paid on Friday; I'll be getting quite a bit of moola thanks to overtime working on the museum's exhibits that opened on Sunday. For $35, I may as well do it while I can.

I'm thinking that I'll still keep dying my hair black, but bob it. It'll be easier to keep my hair healthy, as well as make styling easier since I won't have as much hair to deal with. And no more knots!

This picture is 4 1/2 years old. Goodness gracious.


So close...

Since the staff was told yesterday, I feel that I can vocalize that I've quit my job. I'd be a lot sadder about it if I wasn't having a sudden spate of panic attacks.
So now I'm going to have to buckle down and write my thesis, as well as schmooze my ass off at gallery openings. My boss told me that I deserved something better, and I intend to make that happen.


The Bridesmaid.

Last night, I watched Claude Chabrol's 2004 film, La demoiselle d'honneur. I had to watch it again this afternoon...I skipped the middle but I needed to search for clues at the beginning and the end to make sense of it. It's the sort of film that's missing several pieces that would make it more satisfying. However, the small faults and negative spaces here and there kept me online searching for discussions of the film, continuing to think about it until I gave in and watched (most of) it for a second time.

I can relate to Benoît Magimel's character, Philippe; he's living an unfulfilling life and this mysterious and exciting woman comes along, professing her love and opening herself up to him completely...or so she says, until it's too late. I find it interesting that it is Philippe who so desperately reaches out to her; I've seen this sort of situation happen all too often with my female friends, not that any of those relationships ended in murder.

I was recently invited to join a book group. I don't know if I'll be able to read the book in time for the meeting, but I'm excited about it. However, I'd be more excited if I had the organizational skills to start a movie club so I could have people to discuss films like this with. I tried to do it over a year ago, but it just never panned out.



I know that this is not an uncommon phenomenon, but I feel strange to hate someone that I've never met. I also feel strange that I both feel sorry about a different person's horrible situation, yet also am happy about it. I'm not typically a vindictive or hateful person. I rarely say that I hate someone: I usually dislike or am unhappy with someone. But no, in these cases I hate someone and am satisfied with someone's misfortune.

Happy New Year. Here's to hoping that by the end of it, I'll believe those words.