Yeah, that's right.

I just watched Save the Last Dance, and I loved it.

And I didn't just watch it; I watched my very own copy that I purchased for $5 at Walmart last week. It's the Special Collector's Edition. What a deal.

Part of me enjoys it because I lived in Chicago and recognize a lot of the locations...but mostly I enjoy sweet teen romances. Not OMFG teen romances; sweet teen romances. He's teaching her how to loosen up and dance hip hop style! He takes her to the ballet! They get all scandalous on the L just to piss off a racist woman! He shows up at her audition despite the cries of "young man!" from the staid Julliard judges!

The only thing that makes my pleasure of this movie guilty is that the heroine needs her boyfriend to look after her. Had he not shown up at that Julliard audition, she wouldn't have finished her routine. She only reluctantly showed up after her father said he'd take her.
I don't want to imply that people shouldn't rely on their significant others for strength. But I do feel a bit ashamed when I realize that I'm swooning over a relationship that is held together solely by the man.
Last night, I watched Hellraiser with the commentary track on; it with was Clive Barker (writer/director), and lead actress Ashley Laurence. Toward the end, they mentioned that the actor who played her boyfriend didn't like the fact that he was just sort of there and not the hero. He's not even just sort of there; he's in the way. Of course, Hellraiser is not a romance film (sadistic, yes; romantic, no), but it's still interesting to hear that a man was uncomfortable playing the part of someone who needs to be taken care of. Hopefully, more female actors these days do, too.


  1. Nice. I remember watching that movie in high school.
    Thanks for the song, the video was sweet too, the words, so sad. I'd like to use it for my first Francophile Friday post- starting this week- reasons that it's awesome to live in France (besides the totally obvious) so watch for your shout out :)
    Must have been a tough call to leave the museum (but imagine it could be a trying environment). Good luck with the thesis writing and maybe share when you are done?

  2. Chouette! Ça semble amusant. I'll post some other ideas in your comment.

    Yeah, it's hard to leave. But it will be good for me. I let them use me too much, and since I don't need them (and the job is no longer good for me), they need a kick in the butt to realize what their priorities are. You just can't have an art museum of their size without a full-time curator, and as long as I'm working there, they'll keep putting their priorities in the wrong place.
    Anyway, I will totally share when I'm done! I have a few essays on my website, emilybarney.com, if you'd like to read them. I need to post the two essays that were published in EAM's newsletters. There are quite a few things that need to be updated on that site, but I'll wait until I'm officially done.