Take two klonopin and don't call me in the morning.

Still no word. I'm trying to just remember that no matter what happens, I've made great connections and have lots to add to my resumé. Which I'm going to work on this weekend. I finally submitted proof to the director of the Museum Studies program that I completed an internship so I can officially be certified (there've been 3 different directors whilst I've been taking MS classes...so of course it's a bit of a mess getting that taken care of).

I'm really getting into research mode. I checked out a bunch of books from the library (and put the due date in my iCal so I they don't become overdue like every other book I check out)for my 19th century art class, which overlaps with my thesis. I also did something kind of stupid...the library has Balthus's catalogue raisonné. I had checked it out long ago and did return it. A couple of days ago, I checked to see if it was still available, and it was. But then I looked tonight when I was at the library, and it was listed as missing. So I'm not sure what the deal is with that. But I decided it is something I should have my own copy of anyway, so I ordered one. It was much cheaper to get one from France...I paid at least a third of the cheapest price I could find for a new copy here. It'll be in French, but it's a catalogue raisonné so big whoop.

I'm trying to be better about managing my time. Working on homework instead of sitting around doing nothing. It really isn't that big of a deal...I make it out to be much more work than it really is. I think this semester will be really good for me. I'm going to try my hardest to get an A. I haven't gotten an A in a class for awhile, so that would make me really proud of myself. I want to get as much done for this paper so that I can present at least part of it at the Student Symposium in April. I've always wanted to do one of those, for personal experience and ye olde resumé. I can always submit my Schiele paper from last spring, though, if it's not cohesive enough at that point.

I have the film that Pierre Klossowski made in the '70s. I've had it for probably a year now, but have never watched it. It's all in French with no subtitles, and my command of French is not good enough to be able to understand speech. But it would be good to watch at least for the imagery, and I need to go to sleep...I think I'll put that on and lay in bed.


I'm old.

I decided to buy myself a congratulatory gift for a job well done on the three exhibits that opened yesterday. Normally when I do such a thing, I purchase a new dress or a pair of shoes. Instead, I bought a massaging shower head. With more responsibilities comes more stress which leads to knotted shoulders. It's going to be so wonderful...once I buy a giant wrench to get the nut off of the shower spout that's probably been there since the 1960s.

I should be reading the rest of the chapters assigned to me for 19th Century Studies. At least I read one of them. But I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm committing myself to reading one between each of the errands I have to run. I had a couple of thoughts today, though, that I decided that I need to record.
A. I'm not as fucked up as I make myself out to be. I'm a square peg being pushed into society's round hole (insert juvenile snickering here). I don't operate the way the business world does. It's frustrating because I'm very intelligent and talented, but that gets overshadowed by the fact that I don't work the way that's expected of me. I wish I could remember that every time I feel like there's something wrong with me. I wish that whatever happens, future employers will recognize that and accept it.
B. I can't remember what B. was. I'm too tired. I almost walked out of Target with a set of pajamas that were draped over my arm when I stopped there today to get thank you cards for the three artists in the Pleasure Paintings exhibit. Flannel, on sale for $9 because they're wintery blue and silver. I just need something to keep me warm in Gabe's cold apartment.
Since I don't have to work tomorrow, I think I'll watch an episode or two from Buffy season 7. I'm really into Principal Wood right now. I know...nerd.


Sorry for the crypticness.

Don't you hate it when you know there's going to be a big change coming soon but you won't know exactly what it is for another week or two, if that?
Ugh. And the worst is that I can't really talk about it...I can only speculate. And only in private.
I'm trying not to get anxious over it because I will win no matter what happens...I just hate not knowing what's going to happen.
I'll definitely be posting about it on here when it does.


It builds character.

I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes, and these immortal words were frequently uttered by Calvin's father. I thought of them today whilst trudging through unshoveled sidewalks carrying a jug of gasoline back to my gas-less car.
Everyone complains about winter here (as do I), but I feel really proud to live through these winters. I drive on unplowed, icy roads and freeze and get covered in salt and I shovel and I scrape...and then I go home and feel cozy in my big sweater, wool socks, and purring kitty (or snuggly boyfriend, depending on which evening it is). The only thing that I truly mind about winter is the shortage of daylight hours. It's hard enough when one needs 10 hours of sleep to feel truly restful; winter makes me feel like I need to be sleeping all day.
I'm feeling good, though. This will be a very busy week getting two exhibits prepared for Saturday...

...but Obama will be sworn in on Tuesday!!!

I'm excited, even if he is taking Illinois's least corrupt politicians with him. I'm going to watch the ceremony in the morning (begins at 10:30am Central!) and then get to work on those exhibits afterward.
They'll have their opening reception on Sunday. I hope it goes well.