Emmy Doggy Dogg needs a jobby job.

I've been working at the Merchandise Mart the past week. My friend is the manager at a showroom and needed extra help, so I'm just working until tomorrow, or possibly a couple days next week. I didn't like it at first. There was a design conference going on Monday through Wednesday, and all I did was greet people, exchange business cards, and tell people that I can't tell them how much things are. The best time I had was talking to a student at Harrington about a lighting project she's working on. The company sells silk light fixtures, too, so she was interested in them. However, I enjoyed today a bit more since people coming in were actually browsing Mart showrooms because they wanted to, not because they happened to be there. And since the other salespeople weren't busy, a few stopped in to introduce themselves and were quite nice. It made me a bit sad knowing that I would soon be leaving. The main thing I haven't liked about working here is that I have nothing productive to do. I can't help people with projects or sell things or do research etc. I'm just online or reading. I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X for an hour and a half which was satisfying, but it's so cold and quiet in here that after awhile I got drowsy.
Anyway...I really wish I had a job. I'll be tackling the listings once more tomorrow.


You know you watch too many horror movies when...

I was on the blue line last night, and a man was sleeping a few seats behind me on the other side of the car. His scarf was covering his mouth, and it was almost the same color as his skin. I caught a glimpse of him, and I had to take another look to check if he truly didn't have a mouth or if I was just crazy. It was obviously the latter.