A cat is all I need to be happy.

I am up way past my bed time.

I want to be at work at 8 am, even though it will never happen.

The exhibit I'm working on was supposed to be done today (Friday), but it's not. In some ways, it's my fault because I was not very organized with this one. But it was my first exhibit of 3D work that I was in charge of (I hang 2D work very quickly, so I don't need as much time to complete a show), I only work 20 hours a week, and people were late bringing important components in that I needed in order to design around. Also, people brought in things last minute that I then needed to incorporate into the show. Plus I had 3 "superiors" giving me all sorts of different orders yet telling me that I need to take charge.

I'm really amazed that I haven't had a nervous break down. Perhaps that's due in part to my visit to the psychiatrist last week.

I love my job. But I really wish I could have it after I graduate instead of right now. My comprehensive exam is in less than a month and I've hardly studied for it.


Movies lie.

I wish that I could have my hair styled either of these ways whenever I want:

Daisy d'Ora in Pandora's Box, 1929.

Veronica Lake.

Not that it would make my life better or happier, or make me more well-loved...sigh.