The little things.

Poladroid is the best. It's an application that you download which renders your photos so they look like they were taken by Polaroids (as best as one can replicate, of course). Try it, try it!

I felt like taking some pictures of recent procurements around my apartment.

My living room corner mess.

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison 8-track cassette found at Salvation Army for $0.95. Now I just need a player to listen to it...

Movies rescued from the Dollar Video VHS tape sale rack.

A Christmas diorama purchased at Cracker Jax from their sale room.

Vintage ceramic clock from Mode on Damen south of Lawrence. It works, but the battery died soon after I brought it home. I need to get some Cs.

Mounted horned beetles. I love beetles. I was impressed by Gabe's friend Bridget's display, and these popped up in a search on eBay for something else. I had to.

1940 horse show ribbon: best costume prize from my friend Nicole's Halloween party. It inspired me to bid on this next item one eBay...

...a 1935 horse show ribbon.

Bonne nuit.