It builds character.

I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes, and these immortal words were frequently uttered by Calvin's father. I thought of them today whilst trudging through unshoveled sidewalks carrying a jug of gasoline back to my gas-less car.
Everyone complains about winter here (as do I), but I feel really proud to live through these winters. I drive on unplowed, icy roads and freeze and get covered in salt and I shovel and I scrape...and then I go home and feel cozy in my big sweater, wool socks, and purring kitty (or snuggly boyfriend, depending on which evening it is). The only thing that I truly mind about winter is the shortage of daylight hours. It's hard enough when one needs 10 hours of sleep to feel truly restful; winter makes me feel like I need to be sleeping all day.
I'm feeling good, though. This will be a very busy week getting two exhibits prepared for Saturday...

...but Obama will be sworn in on Tuesday!!!

I'm excited, even if he is taking Illinois's least corrupt politicians with him. I'm going to watch the ceremony in the morning (begins at 10:30am Central!) and then get to work on those exhibits afterward.
They'll have their opening reception on Sunday. I hope it goes well.

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