The Bridesmaid.

Last night, I watched Claude Chabrol's 2004 film, La demoiselle d'honneur. I had to watch it again this afternoon...I skipped the middle but I needed to search for clues at the beginning and the end to make sense of it. It's the sort of film that's missing several pieces that would make it more satisfying. However, the small faults and negative spaces here and there kept me online searching for discussions of the film, continuing to think about it until I gave in and watched (most of) it for a second time.

I can relate to BenoƮt Magimel's character, Philippe; he's living an unfulfilling life and this mysterious and exciting woman comes along, professing her love and opening herself up to him completely...or so she says, until it's too late. I find it interesting that it is Philippe who so desperately reaches out to her; I've seen this sort of situation happen all too often with my female friends, not that any of those relationships ended in murder.

I was recently invited to join a book group. I don't know if I'll be able to read the book in time for the meeting, but I'm excited about it. However, I'd be more excited if I had the organizational skills to start a movie club so I could have people to discuss films like this with. I tried to do it over a year ago, but it just never panned out.


  1. And Philippe's care and love towards his family - his sisters, and especially his mother demonstrates how his traditional values contrasts completely with Senta's values - her dysfunctional families, her outspoken nature and wild stories. How Philippe yearns for her and proposes to her - and finally surrenders her...intriguing and keep one wonders why and what if....

  2. There were times when I thought that the focus on the family was a bit unnecessary, especially Patricia constantly being in trouble...but it really was necessary because he had such a normal life and was trying to help one wild girl while becoming another's accomplice. He's so fatherly over his sister yet this troubled woman came along and he couldn't help but go to her...like at the end when his mom calls and says she needs him, but then Senta calls with the same request and he says he's going to his mother...but then shows up at Senta's, even though he knows that she indeed murdered someone and should stay away from her.
    And the romantic connection to Christine/Flora/Senta was so interesting, too.