As my friends can attest, I have ADD when it comes to my hair styles and colors. The result is fried, thinning hair. I'm constantly doing Facebook polls on how I should color my hair and I'm never satisfied by others' opinions.

Thus began my interest in wigs.

I started out with this one. I bought it
in Hollywood which has lots of wig stores. It was only $50. I had looked at some at that giant costume shop on Milwaukee in Chicago; the woman was willing to discount the price from $150 to $100 on a wig I wasn't really sure I wanted.

I was really pleased with the one I got in Hollywood. I had red hair at the time, and I thought it would quell my desire to dye my hair black. But I loved the way it looked and so I decided to try to grow my hair to match it. But my hair is too thin and fried from all the dying, and it's really difficult to get it to grow as long as I want it to.

I need to retouch my roots, by the way.

I've been wanting to dye it red again, thanks to this photo.

However, I'd have to bleach it, which is badbadbad news. So I decided it was time to get another wig. This time, I ordered from Vogue Wigs. They have a line called "Forever Young" that has really affordable, nicely made, and trendy wigs. So I decided to get this one.

It's a bit lighter than it looks in the photos. It's really nice and long and I love it.

And of course I'm always considering going back to my natural hair color. I thought this curly wig was cute.

I will soon be out of a job (my decision...I need to focus on my thesis), so I might buy one more when I get paid on Friday; I'll be getting quite a bit of moola thanks to overtime working on the museum's exhibits that opened on Sunday. For $35, I may as well do it while I can.

I'm thinking that I'll still keep dying my hair black, but bob it. It'll be easier to keep my hair healthy, as well as make styling easier since I won't have as much hair to deal with. And no more knots!

This picture is 4 1/2 years old. Goodness gracious.


  1. I clicked to your blog from liebemarlene and saw you are in the Chicagoland area! I never find bloggers from around here!

  2. Hello!

    It's funny, I don't know Rhianna from liebemarlene, but I suspect that she grew up in the town that's about 15 miles west of where I currently live. Occasionally she'll say that she found a piece at a store that's in the area. Sometimes I want to ask because I want to know the stores she used to go to, but at the same time, I don't want to seem creepy.

    Anyway, yes, Chicago/Northern Illinois is definitely my home, and it's nice to meet a fellow Chicagoan!