And the meteorite is the source of a light and the meteor's just what we see...

...and the meteroid is the stone that's devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.

It's no secret that I love Joanna Newsom. Currently listening to "Emily;" there was a fireball (the result of a meteorite falling to Earth)seen all over the Midwest at around 10 pm last night, from Iowa to Ohio. I was awake; I wish that I'd seen it.
Anyway, I am completely broke at the moment, and so I used some of the $15 in Borders Bucks I had to buy a latte and apple tart (I fill out surveys for points at erewards.com; Borders Bucks are one thing you can redeem the points for). I decided to take a look at magazines. I spotted the new issue of Uncut. The second biggest headline was "JOANNA NEWSOM Welcome to her visionary world." YES PLEASE. I had just enough left on my Rewards card and my checking account to buy the UK (thus expensive) magazine. The intro photo is really beautiful and is obviously from the shoot that resulted in the cover of Have One on Me. I decided to look for it online, since the one in the magazine covers two pages and would have a seam if I scanned it. In my google search, I came across a blog that not only had that photo, but more photos of her amongst his other favorite artists that I had never seen before. So I will share them here...some of them had sources in the file name so I can only cite where those ones came from.

Annabel Mehran, Uncut, April 2010

The New York Times

The one below is from Buenos Aires...
Blogger keeps screwing with the format when I type it.

VoilĂ .

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