I haven't been to the stable in three weeks, due to some personal drama and insomnia. I should schedule a lesson for next week. I shouldn't feed the horses in the morning until after the semester's over. I haven't done any work and I've got a lot to do. Work before play. Boo. It's a bit sad because I bought new breeches, the kind you wear in shows. They're so nice and comfy. They were a bit expensive for someone who's only doing this for a hobby, but most companies' smallest size is just one size too big, and these have some 'high tech' features that are really nice. Hopefully they last a long time. Anyway, they came in the mail and I was so excited trying them on...I wanted them because a. my denim breeches get hot in the sun and b. I'd like to be able to enter some small shows in the summer for fun. But that same night was when the drama started and I was anxious for days...it's been resolved, but it took awhile to get over it.
Even though I really need to get school work done asap, I'm spending the weekend in Madison with Gabe, staying with his friend Brendan. I really like when we go, it's always fun. There's a big rowing competition on Saturday which Gabe really wanted to see, so that'll be the main event. We're going to bring a drink cooler of mint juleps and it should be lots of fun, though it'll be chilly by the lake. The weather's been such a tease lately and I never know what to wear. The past few days I've been lounging in my Bloodsport t-shirt (Kumite Champion 1988!) and jeans that really need a washing.

I'd still be wearing that except my mom gave me a chocolate bunny for Easter and I was eating it in the dark whilst watching a movie last night. I woke up the next day with chocolate on my shirt. Whoops. So I switched to a t-shirt I bought for summer riding. It's white with various horse bits on it.

I'm not into equestrian inspired casual clothes, but this is a really cool design that I'd wear out of the saddle (which I'm doing right now). It's good to wear it a few days in a row and break it in...I don't like shirts that are BRIGHT WHITE.

Okay, don't know what to write anymore. Oh, on another horse-related topic, I read this really cool story about a woman that owns a small horse farm called the Compton Junior Posse in the middle of Compton. She gives free lessons to students in exchange for working at the farm and good report cards. There's also a video of a segment that NBC Nightly News did on the farm last year. I think this woman is so amazing for providing a safe haven and a wonderful experience for these kids that they'd probably never have otherwise. I know how healing it is to be around horses, so it was really nice to see someone run a program like this.

Outie 5000.

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