Have I mentioned that I've had trouble writing?

I can talk all I want, but for some reason, writing has been difficult. It's upsetting because my friend who lives in LA and I had gotten in the habit of writing letters, but I get halfway through and just can't finish. I can record myself talking, but for some reason, my photo booth software stops recording at random times. Not sure why, since I've recorded videos over 15 minutes long before. I keep meaning to put a new battery in my digital voice recorder...I should do that now.
Anyway, I'm not necessarily depressed but I'm not feeling like going out into the real world. I was thinking about that with my posts about wanting to put up pictures of my outfits. The last time I regularly took outfit photos was when I first moved here and didn't have many friends. I had what was at the time a nice quality camera phone, and that was one way I entertained myself.

I've just been watching a lot of movies. My favorite so far is the original Salem's Lot miniseries from the '70s. My sleeping schedule is really messed up and in turn makes me messed up. I haven't been to the stable in two weeks and I don't have money to take a riding lesson. I should email the stable owner to let her know that I'll be in to volunteer next week. I'm scheduled to help out with this semester's NIU Beginning Horseback riding class. Perhaps I'll be able to exercise some of the horses that haven't been ridden much lately before newcomers get on them.

Alrighty, audio diary time.


  1. horses are good for you. its fun and there's that element of danger that makes you feel alive.

  2. Definitely. I emailed Marie and she said if I wanted to ride before volunteering with the NIU class to just come early! :D