"Well, I saw straightaway that the lay was steep, but I fell for you honey, easy as falling asleep."

An audio and written review of Have One on Me from All Things Considered...

I've been listening to the record pretty much non-stop aside from interludes of Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari stand up. I've been feeling a bit odd about it and couldn't quite place it. Is it the arrangements? Is it the new singing style? I was listening to it on the way home from Chicago tonight, and it occurred to me that that was the first time I was listening to it with full attention; all the other times, I was doing something else while listening to it or it was on in the background. I was surprised when I looked at my iTunes and saw I had listened to it 10 times...it didn't feel like it. HOoM is indeed a long album, and I tend to need some time with my music so this isn't abnormal.

Newsom will be on Jimmy Fallon this Friday...super excited! I think it might be her first American TV performance. I know that she's been on Later with Jools Holland, a UK show (Holland is former Squeeze!). I'm curious as to what she'll be playing on Fallon. My guess is "Easy." I think it would be cool if she did "Good Intentions Paving Company," but my guess is that they'll want something featuring the harp (whoops...so does "Easy!"). And there aren't very many short songs on the album...short in Joanna Newsom terms.

Well, I managed to get some words out of my fingers for the night.

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