Oh well.

I just ordered this:

(She has a variety of colors. Très mignon.)

I decided it was okay to purchase it because a. I got quite a nice tax return this year, and b. I'll wear it as part of my bridesmaid ensemble for Carissa's wedding in October.

It's been a strange week. My boyfriend went out of town. It's amazing how one person can affect your life. Even though I knew I'd miss him, I was looking forward to the change of pace...more time for homework, seeing friends I haven't seen because I spend most of my free time with him. But I didn't do any of those things...I did see a couple friends during the week, but they're DeKalbians and I see them less rarely than my other friends. I only read a little, I drank my New Glarus brown ale and cherry lambic that I got in Madison, and I watched lots of movies and episodes of Buffy. At first, I was disappointed in myself. I don't like being the sort of girl who only spends time with her boyfriend and his friends. But it occurred to me that this week's activities are probably exactly what I would have done if I were single...aside from the beer drinking (since I'd have never gone to Madison). I became a hermit last summer, before I met Gabe. And he doesn't like Buffy or horror movies, so I did do something that I don't get to do as often these days.
I think I do want to go out and be social, but I don't have the motivation to do anything about it. I get lost in my own head and my apartment...if no one pulls me out, I don't think about it until after the fact.

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