Yep, that's something I would do.

I set an alarm so that I would be awake for when my briefcase auction ended. But in typical Emily fashion, I just turned it off and went back to sleep (I'm off work today). I later realized with horror what I had done, and sure enough, the auction was over; someone outbid me and I was not there to stop it.

So this will be my new briefcase.

It's the Piel "European" briefcase. My only problem with it is that pocket on the side, but as someone who is always finding her cell phone just after it has stopped ringing, that might not be a bad thing to have. I'm looking forward to being able to check it out in person. There weren't any images of the inside on any website, just lots of description. Hopefully, I'll be happy with it.

Things to do:
Dye hair.
Do laundry.
Make Valentine's Day card. (Decided not to go with a red-headed pinup girl)

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