Gaaah...can't sleep.

My dear friend turned me on to this blog, liebemarlene vintage. I love its author's aesthetic, and it has me wondering if I should cut bangs again.

Recent purchases from Target (on their way!):
Xhilaration Black Saida T-Strap Pump. $19.99.

Xhilaration Black Kalliope Boots. $26.99. (The best knock-off I could find of my beloved Black Fleece calfskin booties.)

I'm overdue for some self-portrait fashion photography, but at this point in my life, I'm so overwhelmed with school and work that I'd rather enjoy my outfits than document them.

I also recently purchased The Fin-de-Siecle Culture of Adolescence by John Neubauer. (I couldn't find an image online, unfortunately.) This book is an excellent study of the representation of adolescents in the arts, and the events that led to adolescents becoming a stage of development and a subject of study. I've checked this book out so many times that I figured I may as well own it.

I think I'll try to join my cat in sleep now.

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