I can feel the awful music being played next door.

I've been sick today, staying home from work and class to sleep. Being sick is boring, but you can't do anything more than get up for water or some other menial task or else you feel as though you may pass out.


My horseback riding class is coming to an end, but I've decided that I will continue with lessons. Since the high tomorrow is
54° and it's not yet October, this means acquiring riding gloves, half chaps, and a down vest so that I may continue to ride in the winter. I've been eyeing a knitting book at Tre Kroner's Sweden Shop that is solely dedicated to glove and mitten patterns. I'm hoping that Gabe will get it for me for my birthday next week, but if not, I'll just get it myself and make some fabulously Scandinavian arm warmers for riding.

I'd really like to get back into jumping (hunter). I've been watching youtube videos, reading books and websites, and looking fondly at my second place ribbon from 1994 which I've now taped to my living room wall. It's definitely not something I can afford to do on a competitive level, but it makes me feel good and I look forward to my lessons every week.

Another bad thing about being sick today is that it means I won't be able to go to class on Thursday; I'll have to work.

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