An odd feeling.

I've never been interested in sports; I do enjoy attending baseball games on occasion. But I don't care about teams, I don't care about who wins, I don't care about rivalries.

Even though I don't want to go into showjumping (which is different from hunt seat; the jumps are bigger and flashier and you're racing against a clock whereas hunt seat is more concerned with form), I've been watching rounds on youtube. Someone posted the jumpoff from the FEI World Cup in Las Vegas this year. In a showjumping competition, all the people with clear rounds then do a jump off, and whoever has a clear with the fastest time ultimately wins. So I'm watching it and it's intense and the rider has just a few seconds to get over the very last jump in order to beat the time of her predecessor and...the connection slows and the video pauses. And I yelled at the screen! I yelled at the screen. And I understood what those goons in their jerseys and beer coozies feel when they jump up and yell. I mean, of course I knew why, but now I get it. I still think football is stupid, though.

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